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2 Foods and Drinks That are Surprisingly Healthy for Kids in Moderation

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A lot parents may confess, in fact, that their kids eat healthier than they do. Putting a lot of energy into making your kids eat and drink in a healthy way can sometimes make you a little lazy when it comes to your own diet.

You can relax a little on a few things because many things that we think are not healthy for our kids, are in fact healthy when taken in moderation. Here are 2 foods and 2 drinks that may surprise you.

Dark Chocolate

It is obviously not wise (or healthy) to eat a whole box of dark chocolate squares, but in moderation – say one square per day – can have a lot of health benefits. Dark chocolate contains healthful flavonoids similar to those found in tea, red wine, fruits, and vegetables.

Giving your child one square of dark chocolate in the morning will be a great way for them to get there day started. Some of the health benefits include helping to reduce high blood pressure, to help avoid weight gain, improving blood vessel flow, and may improve blood sugar and insulin sensitivity to help reduce the risk of diabetes. The more cocoa that the chocolate has the better as all of these health benefits come from this health packed ingredient.


Are you worried about the amount of chips that your kids and eat in one sitting? At least you can feel good about what they dipping it in.

Avocados, the main ingredient of guacamole, have the highest protein content of any fruit. They are also rich in monounsaturated fats and will help raise HDL (Good) cholesterol. They also do not impact any other blood measures negatively. Another fruit that is rarely mentioned when it comes to fruits that is very healthy is the acai. You can find this fruit in juice form in a drink from Monavie and it is best known for its ability to help prevent leukemia.


Children of today’s world are introduced to many unhealthy drinks. “Juice” posers are some of the unhealthiest drinks your children can buy, and red bull and monster are so unhealthy that they can be considered dangerous – especially to young children.

Mint and green tea are some of the best things that your children can drink. They are rich in many antioxidants that help prevent many diseases and cancers. Of course this is something that you will want them to drink in moderation. You don’t want your kids bouncing off the walls from a caffeine overload.

Cabbage Juice

It does not taste good – that is one true fact. But it is one of the healthiest things you can drink, and it is rich in the rare vitamin U. Cabbage juice is also known to have amazing ulcer healing capabilities, and has been known to be able to cure ulcers within 10 days of daily drinking. Juicing your vegetables is very healthy for you but is something that you do not need to be drinking a lot of as it is very potent. A glass in the morning to get your children’s day started will give them tons of natural energy and all of the vitamins and minerals they would ever need.