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About Us

Healthier and happier children make better students

But today . . .

More and more children and teens are either overweight or at risk of becoming overweight increasing their chances of becoming obese adults. In the 1970’s, less than 1 in every 20 children and teens were overweight.

Now, 1 in every 5 children are overweight.

Our children’s ability to learn, their behaviors, and physical health are linked to various factors related to health. One being nutrition.  Obesity and related diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes are no longer diseases exclusive to the adult. Presently, more and more children and youth are being diagnosed with these once-adult-only diseases tapping into our household and school resources.  Along side, medical expenses have tripled for obesity-related diseases in children.

As a result, our children may be a generation with a shorter lifespan than their parents.

If you are a parent, caregiver or community citizen and support improved access to healthier food environments in our homes, community and schools, join us!  We wish to become a concerted and unified voice advocating for the following:

Improving the dining experiences at home and school by lengthening the time available for our children to sit, eat and nourish the mind as well as the body.

Learn about new resources and programs that help our families support healthier food environments in the home and support the same in the schools.

Support the role of the PTAs who are in a key position to implement school fundraisers, parties, and classroom rewards that support student health.

Support the re-instatement of full-functioning kitchens in our schools for tastier, healthier and more varied meals.

Support the credibility of our school food service, their skills and care.

Support educational opportunities and programs that re-instate awareness of the origin of our food and offer practical life skills.  Programs and collaborations that support Garden Clubs, Culinary Arts Programs, and Farm to school Programs for the classroom and cafeteria will be sought.